House with Chain and Lock around it

Tax Muscle never recommends that any taxpayer attempt to confront the IRS on their own behalf, particularly concerning a lien or levy. Receipt of a notice of levy can be both a tense and frightening experience all at once. The very notion that the IRS can appropriate the money in your bank accounts, your wages, and certain federal payments that you receive can prove difficult to bear. If the IRS levies your bank account, for example, your bank is legally obligated to hold the funds you have on deposit, up to the amount that you owe, for 21 days. This holding period allows you time to resolve any issues regarding your tax account. If no resolution is reached after 21 days, the bank must remit the money plus interest, if applicable, to the IRS in satisfaction of your tax debt.

To realize that the IRS can actually seize and sell your property can be emotionally distressing, let alone the financial ramifications. The IRS could seize and sell property that you hold (such as your car, boat, or house), or they could levy property that is yours but is held by someone else (such as your wages, retirement accounts, dividends, bank accounts, licenses, rental income, accounts receivables, the cash surrender value of your life insurance policy, or commissions).

Tax Muscle's first step will be the immediate request of a Stay of Collections for up to 90 days as we begin work on your case. If this request is granted, we will use that time to examine your tax situation and structure and negotiate a tax resolution plan that will help you clear your debt and alleviate your tax problem for good.

If you have already received an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy, then it is important that you act quickly. When you procure the assistance of Tax Muscle, you gain the strength of our extensive knowledge and experience in resolving tax problems. Confront the IRS or state with assurance with the experts at Tax Muscle behind you.

Every Taxpayer Has A Right To Tax Representation

If you have been contacted by the IRS or State Taxing Agency, or are facing enforced collection action or the threat of such action, then let Tax Muscle do the heavy lifting and resolve your tax problem for good. Call 855.829.6875 today for your free 15 minute tax debt consultation.