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Price Quote Guarantee

What lies behind Tax Muscle's Price Quote Guarantee?

The concept behind our Price Quote Guarantee is simple: The tax consultants at Tax Muscle will take the time necessary to gain a thorough understanding of your tax problem. After establishing the essence of your tax problem, we can determine exactly what resolution programs you qualify for, and which of those options would be most beneficial to pursue.

You will then receive a straightforward, guaranteed price quote that details how much we will charge to assume your case from beginning to end.* Since Tax Muscle assumes the task of properly evaluating the particulars of your case, the price we quote will be based on the cost of whichever service we determine to be most beneficial to you. We will not begin our tax resolution process and subsequently request more money from you once our work is underway.

Tax Muscle even offers the added assurance of binding our service quote by including our Price Quote Guarantee in your service agreement.

You have options, but how many of them can you trust to resolve your tax problems?

Tax Muscle makes the choice simple. The levels of sustained excellence of our tax experts in successfully helping clients resolve their tax problems, combined with our exemplary rating with the Better Business Bureau and the assurance of our Price Quote Guarantee, ensures that you can trust in the strength of Tax Muscle to lift away the weight of your tax debt burden.

Tax Muscle offers a vast comprehension of tax law, together with an uncompromised
commitment to customer service and a reputation for success.

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Price Quote Guarantee covers the fee required to resolve only the IRS tax debt disclosed during the initial interview process and does not include any tax debt resolutions for any state taxing agencies and/or other governmental entities. The Price Quote Guarantee covers only our service fee and does not include any filing fees, administrative costs, or actual tax payment or settlement amount to be paid by you to the IRS to resolve your tax issue.